The Reformed Pastor – Telugu

Richard Baxter


Baxter’s ‘The Reformed Pastor’ emphasizes spiritual dedication for ministers, advocating radical care practices. Recommended by influential figures, it challenges pastors’ roles and responsibilities profoundly.

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Richard Baxter, a Puritan author known for The Reformed Pastor, excelled as a pastor in England despite his blunt demeanor. The book, based on a 1656 lecture, centers on Acts 20:28, urging pastors to “take heed” to their spiritual lives and care for their flocks. Baxter emphasizes the pastor’s duty to live rigorously due to the scrutiny and challenges of the role, highlighting practical insights. He advocates for pastors to personally visit and catechize every family annually, a radical idea. The Reformed Pastor, endorsed by influential ministers, remains essential for those in ministry, compelling self-reflection and prioritizing spiritual and pastoral responsibilities.

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